Pakistani travelling on Fake Italian permit caught and offloaded at Islamabad Airport

Gohar Ali caught

A Pakistani human trafficker was caught at the new Islamabad International Airport before he could deceit authorities and flee out of the country on Thursday.

A Pakistani national identified as Gohar Ali get caught at the Islamabad International Airport in an attempt to flee the country with a fake Italian travel permit. Gohar Ali was first offloaded from the plane and then apprehended by the authorities.

Gohar Ali also confessed that he faked the travel document with the help of human trafficking scammers. The suspect was later shifted to anti-human smuggling and trafficking cell in Islamabad.

It is still not reported or questioned why the person was able to get the access to the plane in the first place, a person traveling on a fake document could have done something unprecedented to the other travelers or the plane crew.

Last month, a mobile phone smuggler was caught at Islamabad International Airport he was smuggling mobile phones and tried to escape but the customs officials grabbed him and given him to police’s custody.

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