Pakistani Travellers Advised Not to Carry “Naswar” to Iraq – Research Snipers

Pakistani Travellers Advised Not to Carry “Naswar” to Iraq

Pakistani visitors have been told not to carry naswar—the powdered tobacco stuff, to Iraq while travelling as that could land them in a problem.

Naswar is an addictive material majorly used by the Pashtuns in or outside Pakistan. it is sometimes even taken from Pakistan to Gulf nations or even is prepared abroad sometimes.

The Pakistani embassy in Baghdad sent a letter to the director of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Karachi, mentioning that reportedly Iraqi officials have arrested Pakistani nationals at airports for processing naswar after it was mistaken for drugs.

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The arrested individuals were later freed by the authorities, the letter also stated that taking naswar along has resulted in causing problems for the passengers as they are then put in jails until the material is tested for drugs.

The letter further mentioned that the visa of many Pakistani nationals has also expired hence it delayed the Pakistani pilgrims (visiting the holy shrines in Iraq) alongside defaming Pakistan.

The embassy requested the Civil Aviation Authority to install warning boards with Urdu language inscriptions at all airports, asking people to not carry such items to Iraq for avoiding any such embarrassing situation.

The officials of the mission in Iraq also asked the concerned authorities to direct the travellers to carry with them a medical prescription duly translated in Arabic in order to carry the medicines.

The letter by the Pakistani embassy makes complete sense as such incidents not only causes problem for the travellers but also puts a question mark on the credibility of the nation. People should be instructed on such things in order to prevent any inconvenient situation.

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