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Pakistani Teacher Gets the “Dedicated Teacher Award” of Cambridge University

Pakistani teacher

Ahmed Saya—a famous Pakistani teacher has received the prestigious “Dedicated Teacher” award of the Cambridge University.

He was among the 6 teachers that were shortlisted for the award throughout the world by a highly qualified panel of educationalists in a competition being conducted by the Cambridge Unuveristy Press.

The winner was chosen via an online poll that was done by the Cambridge University Press where the students were told to vote for the “World’s Most Dedicated Teacher”.

Ahmed Saya won the award and hence has also got a chance to trip to Cambridge, UK and would also be managing the Continuing Professional Development at the institution.

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He is a teacher of accounts at the Cordoba School for A Level and was chosen besides the famous teachers hailing from various nations of the world.

These other nominees include:

  • Anthony Chelliah of Sri Lanka
  • Candice Green of Australia
  • Sharon Kong Foong of Malaysia
  • Jimrey Dapin of Philippines, and
  • Abhinandan Bhattacharya of India

This news is of great honour for Pakistan. This proves that Pakistan has got immense talent which if presented well would not only bring fame to the country but would also help in imparting an overall good vibe of the nation.

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