Pakistani Students Introduce Cheap Artificial Skin


Pakistani students have invented cheap artificial skin. The COMSATS University Islamabad students have prepared artificial skin that costs much less in comparison to the imported artificial skin. While briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology, the University Rector revealed this.

He said, “Our students have carried a successful experiment of preparing super-cheap artificial skin that will cost just 22 cents per square inch.”

The imported skin from the United States costs at least 22 USD per square inch, which is quite expensive. Also, this development will positively impact the burn treatments in Pakistan.

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In burn and trauma centers all over Pakistan, artificial skin is widely used. Furthermore, it is used for acid attack victims’ treatment.

COMSATS official also revealed that one of their students have invested bandage that can cure diabetics.

The ranking of the university stands at the 131st position in the region. More than 400 foreign students study at Comsats University, all of them being taught by local teachers.

The University Rector said, “We have over 400 international students but no foreign teacher in our faculty.”

Senator Mushtaq Ghani chaired the Senate Standing Committee. He congratulated the Comsats officials for these inventions.

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