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Pakistani Students in China Grew from 100 to 25,000 in The Last 5 Years

Pakistani students

Prof Sheng quoted that the number of Pakistani students studying in China has increased from 100 to 25,000 in the span of last 5 years. The increase in the count of students is because of the CPEC, which has boosted the brethren ties further between the two nations.

Prof Sheng from China—the Director of the centre of Pakistan Studies at the Peking University in China attended the 11th International Urdu Conference held at the Arts Council. By attending the event he clearly showed that no matter what, nothing would be affecting on Pakistan China’s relationship.

Dr Jaffar Ahmed hosted the event and praised Prof Sheng for coming to Pakistan for attending the conference despite the attack on the Chinese consulate.

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During the conversation that Prof Sheng and Dr Ahmed had in the Urdu Conference, the Chinese professor showed his fine skills over the language. The event started with the usual session of Hamd-o-Naat and some poetry.

Prof Sheng stressed the fact that CPEC has brought the people of both the countries much closer. Many Chinese nationals have shown deep interest in Pakistani society, literature and culture. Many famous Pakistani novels including Khuda ki Basti, Udas Naslein and many short stories have been translated into the Chinese language.

The professor mentioned that he has himself compiled a book and named it Shahrah-i-Khushhaali. In the book, the economic success of China has been discussed.

Popular writers from across the nation were present at the event and discussed the significance of the quality fantasy literature for children as it would be teaching young minds to imagine, create and propagate a point of view.

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