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Pakistani Students Develop a Device for Fuel Efficiency

Students of a Pakistani engineering university have been able to develop a device that can raise fuel efficiency. Thus, they have qualified for an international innovation award. The fuel efficiency through this device will be increased by more than 60% in hybrid and electric cars.

National University of Science and Technology’s final-year engineering student Muhammad Ali said, “A hybrid car can go around 40 kilometers in one full charge of the battery. Our innovation, which keeps the battery charging (without consuming power) during the drive, can increase the journey to about 65 kilometers in one full charge.”

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The name of the device is ‘Wheizo’. It has a set of 4 strips and each of them has 150 piezoelectric transducers. They fit inside the vehicle wheels.

Ali said, “This is for the first time we are experiencing such a high amount of electricity using piezoelectric transducers. We are among the top three contenders in the competition for the Shell Eco-marathon innovation award worth $3,000. We have already qualified for the award.”

In the marathon titled “Make the Future Live Malaysia 2019” more than 100 teams are participating in belonging to many engineering universities from 18 Asian countries. In order to participate in the car racing competition students have brought their prototype and urban concept cars.