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Pakistani Students Can Now Get Tourism Diploma

According to Managing director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Ch. Abdul Ghafoor, We are working to start tourism diploma in degree programs in various Pakistani universities.

During the conference arranged by overseas Pakistanis at Pakistan National School Hawali Kuwait, MD addressed participants and said, tourism cannot be developed without education, they go side-by-side.

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He further added, introducing tourism education would produce young, energetic and qualified manpower in the industry which will help a lot in developing tourism industry in Pakistan, also graduates can pursue better careers abroad.

School’s Principal Majid Chaudhary said during the conference that, it has been a great opportunity for us to have MD of PTDC with us at this moment. “We hope that PTDC will continue his efforts for promotion and development of tourism in Pakistan,”

Pakistan’s tourism industry has been long neglected business segment which has a huge potential to fuel the economy, due to terrorism the industry suffered a lot, but in recent years terrorism has been curbed and minimized which creates more opportunities in tourism industry. Pakistan must focus on the development of tourism Industry, countries like Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Turkey, UAE generate billions in tourism. Turkey contributed 12.5% of GDP in 2016, Hong Kong contributed 16.8% of GDP through tourism. However, UAE is much dependent on oil still UAE contributes 12.1% of total GDP through tourism. If we talk about the south Asian region Maldives is on top with 79.4% of GDP contribution followed by Sri Lanka with 11.4%, Maldives is also ranked number one country in terms of GDP contribution. India is not much behind with 9.6% of contribution in 2016. According to 2016 statistics, Pakistan stands at 6.9% of contribution to total GDP and ranked at 121, India is ranked at 85 and Sri Lanka at number 61.

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PM Nawaz Sharif has also shown concerns in developing tourism industry of Pakistan, he recently called upon Bahrain to invest in Pakistan’s tourism industry. In a conference organized by Pakistan Embassy in Bahrain and ministry of commerce.