Pakistani Startup to Create Culturally Relevant Content for Kids

A Pakistani Startup, Hahaha Studio is working on revivingthe cultural values in kids by initiating cultural relevant content forchildren.

The startup is founded by the Lahore’s National College of Arts graduates. Three graduates from NCA have decided to develop content for children that instill cultural values in the kids.

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CEO and Co-founder of the company Hamza Lari said, “We are creating culturally relevant content for kids which is based on ethics, morals and values in Urdu.”

CCO and Co-founder Hareem Shairani said that the content they will produce, specially focus on the unusual thinking, empathy, and ethics needed in our kids.

 CMO and co-founder, Hira Bawahab talked about their upcoming episodes and said, “We are introducing these kids to new professions, like what is a YouTuber and how is that a profession. Similarly, we’re calling software architects who are explaining VR and AR technologies, and illustrators and makeup artists and much more to give them an idea of  how the world has moved beyond the two chief professions of medicine and engineering.”

The startup believes in teaching through play instead of teaching in a traditional manner.

Bawahab said, “Instead of following a robotic curriculum of rote learning, we want them to learn through experience and through play ground. When you’re actually there you can see that it’s boosting their confidence, critical thinking, and cognitive skills.”

Highlighting the issue of bullying in schools, colleges Shairanisaid,  “Hate speech and bullying has become such a massive part amongst children these days and nobody is doing anything about it. We’re just teaching them English, Math, Chemistry in school but have completely drifted our focus from the crucial life skills.”

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