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Pakistani Startup introduces first plagiarism checking service in the country is a Pakistani Startup that has launched a plagiarism checking software for public usage. Pakistani students undergo issues of plagiarism in their course works and research papers. Now it will be easy for them to detect any statement copied or wording similar to other articles via this plagiarism checker.

The founder of is Wasi Khan. He said that the aim is not just to provide help to Pakistani students in their coursework but also to detect and improve faults in already operating plagiarism technologies.

The software was first tested in private institutes in Karachi and then it was launched for the general public.

Till now this plagiarism checker has got good reviews from academia. Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Associate Director at BA said that has made writing procedure easier and productive. Saqib Saleem, Associate Professor at IBA said that this checker is a “highly accurate tool”.

A leading scholar and Head of Research at SZABIST Tahir Hussain Ratlamwala said that Slate Desktop is an “amazing software which he hopes will give tough competition to Turnitin and Crossref”.

Dr. Najam Anjum Assistant Professor (Manufacturing Knowledge Management), Institute of Business Administration said, “Slate Desktop is a citation and plagiarism checking software tool that was long awaited. Everything is now only a click away. The phrase ‘Cite as you write’ cannot be truer for any other software tool other than Slate Desktop. The new way of plagiarism checking is also remarkable. Bravo Slate Desktop team.”

A unique feature of Slate Desktop is “Plagiarism Stack”. It’s a feature that provides immediate feedback to users over text that is susceptible to be plagiarized. Also, it aids the users in citing their text and managing their references.

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There is free access to for 14 days. Try it and if your experience is good enough you can buy the software.

Visit the Website for further details: