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Pakistani Scientist on a Mission to Transform Farm Waste to Fuel

transform farm waste to fuel

A Pakistani scientist is on a mission to transform farm waste to fuel, and he even has got a practical plan for the implementation of his mission.

We have heard many times about converting chemical energy to fuel, but in reality, not much development has been witnessed in this regard.

Syed Hussain Abid—a Pakistani scientist has come forward with a designed and engineered mechanism which transforms straw from wheat, sugarcane, barley into ethanol. He is of the belief that his method of transformation which he named as “Al-Barr” could assist in making ethanol from millions of tons of straw that would otherwise be wasted.

He is a graduate of Imperial College of London. He has got a master’s degree in innovation design engineering.

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With more than fifty million tons of straw at his disposal, Syed Hussain Abid would easily carry on his research for finding a better and more effective way for fuel consumption. This could eventually be used as an automobile fuel or as a safer and cleaner method for proving power to stoves in the kitchen throughout the rural areas in the country.

Ethanol is already the main source of motor fuel in the growing economies. This is an environment-friendly fuel, as it emits less dangerous pollutant in the atmosphere.

The common blends of ethanol fuel include E10 (which is mostly used in the United States of America) contains up to ten per cent ethanol. Another blend of ethanol is E85 which has got eighty-five per cent ethanol, this is used extensively throughout the world.

As per the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)—which monitors the use of alternative and environmental-friendly fuels globally, the United States represents the largest export market for ethanol throughout the world. Currently, it is providing fuel to Brazil, China, Canada, South Korea and India.

Experts predicted that the global ethanol market would expand to the US $53.1 billion by 2025.

Pakistan presently imports fuel which costs more than $20 billion annually. Using ethanol as a fuel additive could assist Pakistan in decreasing its over-dependence on imported fuel.

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