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Pakistani Rupee Gains Against USD Today


In today’s open market Pakistani Rupee Strengthens against the US Dollar. According to the details the Pakistani Rupee gains against USD by 3 paisa in Interbank market rate

The reports confirm the new USD rates in Pakistan (buying rate) decreased from Rs.160.62 to Rs.159.5 in the interbank market rate.

The new rates of USD to Pakistani rupee are given below:

 USD Rate In PakistanBuyingSelling


The monetary policy of a country and its currency exchange rates are closely related to each other, the currency exchange improvement reflects adequate monetary development of the country. Today Dollar Price in Pakistan (USD to PKR) is Rs.159.5 buying rate and Rs.160.5 selling rate. It is worth mentioning that PKR has been on a continuous move upwards against US dollar. The US Dollar reached Rs.168 in the past few weeks and now its getting stable with every passing day.

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