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Pakistani Robber Returns Money Back after 18 Years and by 18 Times the Amount

A Pakistani man was robbed back in 2000 as he was on his way to his native town from Gujranwala. Rs 12000 was taken from a man named, Silly on Twitter.  

The robber has compensated his crime after 18 years after doubling the robbed money by 18 times the amount.

Silly, tweeted that on 2nd July 2000 he was robbed as he was going home alone at night at 2 am. Rs 12000 was taken from him. Now on 2nd July 2018, right after 18 years went by his money was returned to him along with the message that the crime was 18 years old. Every year the money was doubled by Rs 12,000  and thus Rs 216000 amount is being sent as a compensation.

Silly further said that he forgave the robber, the year he was robbed.

In an answer to another tweet, Silly informed that that money was his first pay. His father had died and his family was growing through a tough time when he was robbed. At that time those Rs 12000 were 12 crores for him. He was so disappointed at that time that he left the country.

The whole incident is quite interesting because one the robber returned the money. Two, he doubled it every year, 18 times more the amount than what he originally took.

The Pakistani who is now living in Germany said that if he will be able to trace the robber he will return the money.

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The Twitter profile of Silly shows that he or his company offers Pakistani food in Germany. “We offer best fresh and typical pure PAKISTANI  Street Food at the heart of German street food festivals.Oh Yes we offer catering. Frisch&Exotisch.Try it.”