Pakistani Passport becomes the third worst passport in the world

Pakistani Passport ranking has further dropped and it has become the third worst passport in the world. According to the 2018 Henley Passport Index Pakistani passport has moved down a rank from fourth to third worst in the world.

Pakistani Passport is ranked at the 104th position having access to 33 destinations while right at the top is the Japanese passport with access to 190 nations.

Japan has overtaken the Singaporean passport to become the most powerful passport in the world. Singapore is right behind Japan at number 2 spot with access to 189 nations.

The ranking indicates that the Japanese citizens can travel to 190 nations without a visa or they are given the visa on their arrival.

Followed by Japan and Singapore are South Korea, Germany, and France that have access to 188 countries.

The fourth spot is shared by Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, and Spain and at the fifth spot are Norway, UK, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, and the US having the best passport. They have access to 186 nations.

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Now coming to the countries that have weakest passports we have Iraq and Afghanistan at the last spot with access to 30 countries. Then at 105th rank, we have Syria having access to 32 destinations and then Pakistan stands at 104th spot with access to 33 states.

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