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Pakistani Nationals Deported from the Colombo Airport

On the pretext that “2,000 Pakistanis have illegally sought asylum” in Sri Lanka, Pakistani nationals have been deported from the Colombo airport.

A video was posted on the Facebook page by a passenger and a travel vlogger named Hasnain Manzoor. He revealed that he arrived in Colombo on Tuesday at 11:30 pm from Kuala Lumpur with a valid visa. It was confirmed by the Sri Lankan High Commission in Karachi that his visa and that of another family stuck at the airport with him, is valid.

Manzoor said that he was taken to meet the chief immigration officer who informed him that he was being deported as 2,000 Pakistanis had sought asylum on tourist visas.

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On the other hand, a Sri Lankan High Commission official denied it and said, “Perhaps if they’re counting from the 1980s.” Furthermore, the official confirmed that in the last month no asylum-seeking case had even been registered from Pakistan

Also, another immigration officer said to Manzoor, “They have doubts [about] you. Maybe you’re considered suspicious”.

Manzoor said, “As I reached there, I saw two Pakistani families with three kids each. One family has already been deported.”

In a Facebook post-Manzoor said, “I have my e-visa and my return ticket along with a hotel booking. So I am not missing any documents and neither are the other families.”

Adding, “It’s the responsibility of Malindo Air, which we flew with, to provide us with a hotel so we could at least relax and sleep. But Malindo says we don’t have any nearby hotels. I am down to just book Colombo to Karachi flight direct but I am not allowed to even do that. It’s a $900 fare. I will pay it, I don’t mind, if these guys will let me take that flight at least. They [have been] holding our passports for the last five hours! They won’t even give back our passports or luggage back.”