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Pakistani Mangoes Becomes Main Attraction in the UAE Markets

Pakistani mangoes

The Pakistani mangoes have become a main attraction in the UAE markets with the first shipment arriving in the United Arab Emirates.

As per sources, the first shipment in the Al Aweer Fruit Market of Dubai were sold out within a few days of arrival.

Sindhri and Almas—the earliest varieties of Pakistani mangoes have been introduced in the Dubai markets. Sindhri is mostly taken as one of the best varieties of mangoes of the world owing to its unique taste and size.

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The first shipment of the mangoes from Pakistan usually reaches Dubai by the 3rd week of May and by the 1st week of June the fully ripe fruit makes it to the shelves of the supermarkets.

Pakistan with its varieties of mangoes which includes Sindhri, Anwar Ratol, Dasheri, Kala Chaunsa and Chaunsa dominates the fruit shelves of the United Arab Emirates market until September.

On the other hand, the farmers in Pakistan have been advised to conserve rainwater.

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