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Pakistani Mango and Biryani Festival Organized in Turkey

Pakistani Mango and Biryani festival

As part of the public diplomacy activities of Turkey and for further boosting the Pakistani mangoes, the Embassy of Pakistan arranged a Pakistani Mango and Biryani Festival in Ankara on Friday afternoon, as per an issued statement on Saturday.

A large gathering of guests attended the event and got the first-hand experience of the aroma, taste, and juiciness of the famous Pakistani mangoes as well as of the Biryani made from the Pakistani Basmati rice.

The festival included fresh mangoes and mango cuts as well as a wide range of mango delicacies as mango lassi, mango shake, mango ice cream, mango souffle, mango pudding, mango cake, mango salad, and mousse.

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Biryani made of popular Pakistani Basmati rice was also served at the occasion while chosen Pakistani music was also played adding more joy to the festive environment.

M Syrus Sajjad Qazi—the Pakistan ambassador to Turkey while receiving the guest said that Pakistan is the 5th largest producer of mangoes and it ranks on the number 6th spot when it comes to exporting the fruit.

He also said that Chaunsa is the most famous variety and it is also being served in the festival.

While referring to the brethren relations between the two countries, Ambassador Qazi said that Pakistani mangoes are so sweet and as special as the unique ties of Pakistan and Turkey.

5 guests won a box of mangoes at a lucky draw during the festival.

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