Pakistani Made Indians Angry On The Tube Station London—And What A Sri Lankan Did Was Icing On The Cake

There was a lot to watch on the Tele on Sunday 18th of June, when two archrivals came across for the final game in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 England. The stage was set at Oval cricket ground London.

India was hot favorite in this game but team Pakistan was consistently getting better and better after their first game loss against India. This was the second time they were ramming again in the same tournament.

Pakistan sliced India away in 30.3 overs with 180 runs win. But that was the game being played in the ground and watched on the television around the world.

Here is something you may not have watched on the television, its all over the social media, check out the recent buzz on social media about Pak Vs India Game.

After the game was ended fun on social media started, here we will show you the glimpse of it.

Outside the Oval cricket stadium near a train station, a Pakistani supporter comes across Indian supporters, Pakistani supporter chants, dances and shouts in joy which made Indian supporters angry and they couldn’t resist it, on top of that, a Sri Lankan supporter enters the show and supports Pakistani which is worth watching.

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