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Pakistani Leather Industry Is Booming In China

Abdul Aleem Baig is a Pakistani who runs a leather business in China. He calls himself Yang Guang (Sunshine). The name appropriately describes his emotion as he conducts his business.

Now his marketplace at Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan was flooded with customers on Sunday.

Young Abdul has been in China for five years. He followed his brother’s suit in business. He earned a name for himself, his business and his country through participating in expos and fairs in China.

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Abdul said, “Leather jackets from Pakistan are world-renowned. Muslims eat lots of lambs, so we have lots of sheepskin, and many Chinese makers came to Pakistan for that.”

The youngster also explained that Pakistan made leather jackets are sold for 2,500 yuan ($376) at his booth in Pakistan while the same quality Chinese-made counterpart jacket was the price 8,000 to 10,000 yuan.

He added that in China he makes double of that in Pakistan. “In Pakistan, the competition is cut-throat, since leather jackets are everywhere,” he said.

Similarly, Jay Kay from Myanmar started the jade business in China and earned 500,000 yuan a year.
“Selling jade is not hard in China. It has so many people who love jade,” he explained.

Similarly, people from various nation come in China for a business like Pema Lama came from Nepal to China and started a business by trading Buddhist items which became quite famous.

He said “I wanted to have my own business, and I did it. I could only work for others in Nepal.” “I wish I had come here earlier.” “The business in China is the best. I don’t know why” he said.