Pakistani Kinnow exports increase to $48 million

Pakistani citrus fruit commonly known as Kinnow is one of the best in the entire region, this orange family fruit is unique in size, shape, taste, and skin. Kinnow has soft skin than a normal orange which can be easily peeled off with hands in seconds, unlike normal orange the shape of Kinnow has a resemblance of small-sized pumpkin which has more width than its height. And in taste, it is sweet and little sour.

Pakistani Kinnow is loved in various international markets, export to Indonesia has been increased by 150% and reaches $48 million during the current fiscal year of 2016-17. The exports at the same point were $20 million in the previous year.

Due to the re-negotiation of Preferential Trade Agreement (FTA) with Indonesia, this increase has been witnessed. According to the ministry of commerce official, the increase of Kinnow export is evident due to effective policies of the government.

Pakistan has negotiated 20 tariff lines with Indonesia in which they agreed to give concession on major exports including Textile, Rice, Citrus, Mangoes, and Ethanol.

The official, ministry of commerce said the negotiation was a major success for Pakistan along with the citrus export, he said mangoes would also see an increase in volume reaching 10 million tons in a year.

Another achievement was the extension it export duration, initially Indonesia only allowed two months for exporting Citrus and Mangoes which has now been extended to the whole year before signing the PTA.

Pakistan is also looking forward to signing similar PTAs with South East Asian countries including Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan in the Pacific region to increase the bilateral trade between the countries according to the official.

Current trade volume between Pakistan and Indonesia was $170 million earlier before the trade agreement but after re-negotiations, the trade has reached $300 million, he added.

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