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Pakistani Gang Caught engaged in Illegal Organ Transplants in China


A transnational gang has been uncovered by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) which was engaged in illegal organ transplants in China.

An FIA team carried out a raid at the passport office in Lahore. 7 people were suspected which included suspected donors and agents.

The arrested people were Abdul Latif, Muhammad Hanif, Abdul Ghaffar, Haq Nawaz, Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Zulfiqar, and Rafaqat Ali. The district most of them belonged from was Okara.

On the directives of FIA Deputy Director Zone-I Sardar Mavarhan Khan, the operation was conducted. They received a tip that such a gang is active in Lahore.

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In different parts of Punjab, the members of the gang were active. They encouraged poor people to sell their organs off and receive a heavy amount.

The donors will get Rs. 400,000 with travel arrangements to China after an agreement. Then in China they would have received illegal transplants.

Basically the gang members are part of a global racket. They have contact in China, as per an FIA official.

“This is the first time that such a gang has been busted which was involved in illegal human organ transplants in China. An agent pays around Rs. 400,000 to a donor and arranges his travel to the country. A recipient usually reaches there (China) on his own.”

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