Pakistani Engineer Develops Low-Cost Drone For Farmers

drone spray

Islamabad: Pakistani engineers of the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) have developed modern drones for the convenience of farmers.

According to the details, the process of making Made in Pakistan products is underway in NRTC. After modern portable ventilators, the engineers have also developed a heavy-duty spray drone for farmers.

According to the details with the help of this drone, it will be possible to spray locusts with ease. This is the largest spray drone developed under the ‘Made in Pakistan’ project, the test run of which was successful.

The NRTC said that the very low cost drone would be available in the market soon. It was also informed that the engineers were given the task of making this drone by the Federal Minister for Science and Technology. The Prime Minister was also briefed yesterday about the drone, which will operate with the help of GPS technology.

It may be recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan had handed over the first batch of Made in Pakistan ventilators to NDMA yesterday. NRTC officials said that so far 12 ventilators have been prepared if required. 300 ventilators can be made in a month.

NRTC is the first company in Pakistan to manufacture locally available ventilators. These ventilators can be easily moved from one place to another and have been renamed as Safevent SP 100. Yes, this production unit has the capacity to produce 250 to 300 ventilators per month. According to NRTC officials, the manufacture of ventilators in Pakistan is being done in accordance with international standards. The Engineering Council has declared the ventilators in accordance with international standards.

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