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Pakistani Company ‘MPCL’ Ranked Amongst World’s Most Profitable Companies

Pakistani company Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) has been included in the world’s most profitable companies list. A UK based known international firm Plimsoll has revealed the rankings of the most profitable companies and  MPCL was ranked as the 29th most profitable firm in the world.

330 large companies in oil and gas sector were analyzed by Plimsoll. It was revealed that due to unstable global oil prices the sales growth and profit margins of E&P companies reduced.

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A ‘Strong’ rating was given to MPCL which was only given to some other companies whose growth substantially increased overtime. The total value of MPCL is worth $1,137.4 million, as per the analysis by Plimsoll.

The total  sales of MPCL were analyzed which increased six times in 2018 in comparison to other leadings companies. MPCL’s pretax profit margin has been rated at 37.5% in comparison to -0.4% globally. Furthermore Plimsoll stated that the profit of MPCL rose by 70% in 2018.

MPCL Managing Director Lt Gen (r) Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmad at this occasions congratulated the employees of his company on working hard to ensure that MPCL stands at this position as the best E&P Company around the globe.