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Pakistani Celebrities Clicking Inky Thumbs After Casting Votes

The Pakistani celebrities are clicking pictures of their inky thumbs after casting votes. Practising their right to vote many Pakistani celebrities were seen this morning fulfilling their national duty of casting votes soon after the polling started for the general elections-2018.

Every person from public to the celebrity stars everyone has been seen casting their votes since 8 am this morning. The ques are long but even that is not affecting the national spirit of the voters. As the custom is to click a photo of the inked thumb many celebrities have clicked their inky thumbs and have posted them on the social media platforms with the motive of encouraging their fans and followers to go out and cast votes.

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My polling station for NA 247 and PS 111 was Hampton Grammar School in Clifton, Karachi. I was there by 8 am, the polling started at 8:15. It was minorly chaotic (as all starts in Pakistan are) but there were polling agents, supervisors, lots of rangers and a few of us early bird voters. It all went by relatively smoothly and felt pretty decently sorted out. I was out by 8:35. Remember to carry your silsila number and your block code on a separate sheet. You can’t register without these 2 pieces of information. To get this info. Message your ID card number to 8300. Vote intelligently and for those you believe can achieve desired results and are in line with your value system. Pakistan zindabad! 🇵🇰 (Now I’m going to catch some zzzzz’s 😴) . . . . . . #adnanmalik #elections #pakistanelections #voteforpakistan

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V-O-T-E #tabdeeli

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Vote do #Pakistan ki khatir. #election2018🇵🇰

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Unfortunately, some celebrity stars were unable to cast the votes like Mahira Khan who is in Toronto for attending national TV awards. Farhan Saeed has expressed his disappointment with all such celebrities who are out of the country and would be unable to play their part in the elections of 2018.

The sun of July 25 in Pakistan has witnessed a high-spirited crowd, in superb patriotic spirits, casting votes for the betterment of the country. We just hope that may these elections be fair and may the best man for the country and for its people be elected.

Long Live Pakistan!

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