Pakistani Café to Hire Transgender Persons

In a move to provide better living prospects and empowerment to the transgender persons’, a café in Karachi has opened its doors for hiring them.

The applaudable step has been taken by a Karachi based café—Coffee Wagera, which aims at the facilitation of providing equal workplace opportunities with no biases at all of the race, gender or age.

A fresh candidate meaning having no prior experience would be offered a maximum salary of rupees fourteen thousand for the job, while the transgender persons having earlier job experience would have an opportunity to negotiate with the employer on the amount of salary.

The job responsibilities would be to receive orders, the orders management and the making of beverages.

On job training would also be provided to the selected candidates for the job.

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When the café made this announcement, it was heavily appreciated on the social media platform by people who referred to the initiative as a very thoughtful act.

Coffee Wagera is not just a cafe where one could only find coffee, instead, the cafe provides with a broader option of juices and snacks for its customers. The cafe owners also guarantee a reliable Wifi connection. They support Pakistan Olympics.

Currently, as per the sixth Population and Housing Census, the total population of the transgender people is 10,418 in the country.

Punjab has got the highest percentage of the transgender population contributing to the total count of 10,418. Figuratively Punjab has got 64.4 percent population of transgender persons—which makes it 6,709 people registered under this category.

The second highest count of transgender persons is in the province Sindh—24 percent or 2,527. Then comes Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the total count of 913 and lastly the province—Baluchistan having a total of 109.

In the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, the transgender population is 27 and in Islamabad, it is 133.

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