Pakistani Bus Driver’s Son is a Potential Candidate to become next British PM

The current British Prime Minister Theresa May is in hot waters following another in-house defeat in Brexit (Britain Exit) deal. It seems that this will prove to be the final nail in the coffin and May’s rule as British Prime Minister will soon come to an end.

Now there are different potential contenders from the Conservative party that can be a replacement of May. One of the main contenders is the Pakistani Bus driver’s son Sajid Javid. He is the only immigrant in the potential contenders’ list.

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Javid is an ex-investment banker, 49 years old and the top contender to become the next Prime Minister of Britain. The father of Javid, Mr. Abdul Ghani Javid went to the UK from Pakistan in early 60s to improve his standard of living. He started earning money as a bus driver.

Sajid came in to politics in 2010 and became the MP from Bromsgrove. Also in 2012 he worked with the then chancellor George Osborne as treasury minister. In 2014 Sajid won his first cabinet post as the secretary of state for culture, media, and sport.

Sajid was a firm supporter of Britain to remain part of EU in 2016 and he voted in remaining in EU’s favor in 2016 referendum.

Last year he was appointed the interior minister and gained immense respect for the way he handled the scandal regarding the Caribbean immigrants’ treatment.

Presently he is one of the leading candidates for replacing Theresa May to become the next Prime Minister of Britain.

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