Pakistani Banker Ali Allawala Becomes CEO of Standard Chartered Malaysia

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A Pakistani Banker Ali Allawala has been appointed Standard Chartered Bank Saadiq CEO in Malaysia. Ali Allawala has more than 22 years of experience in banking sector. He has worked in the traditional and Islamic banking sector in different Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In 2012 he joined Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan. Previously he worked in Citibank and Samba Financial Group.

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Ali said, “I started my career as Management Associate at Citibank. I am currently working with Standard Chartered Bank doing the dual role as CEO of Standard Chartered Saadiq (Islamic Banking) Malaysia and Global Head of Retail Islamic banking. In the global assignment, my responsibility includes managing businesses in 7 markets – UAE, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bahrain, and Kenya.”

His vast experience in product management, business growth, lending, capital management, advertising, and marketing allowed him to understand the risks, issues, problems, and complexities in the banking field. He was able to better handle challenges through his experience.

Ali Allawala Background and Past Experience 

Worked in Five Markets in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East in  Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Egypt, and Pakistan. This gave him local, regional and global business exposure.

Worked as a Management Associate at Citibank. Today he is not just the CEO of Standard Chartered Saadiq Malaysia but also the Global Head of Retail Islamic banking.

His interest lies in digital banking and payment solutions.  He feels a “sense of responsibility to promote the appeal of Islamic Finance and be a part of the evolving retail banking and payments landscape.”

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