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Pakistani Baker Flooded with Demands for Anti-Nawaz Cake

Nawaz Sharif has been sentenced for 10 years on corruption charges. While some Pakistanis are mourning, many have celebrated the decision by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

A home-based Pakistani baker in Dubai Khadija Ammad baked a cake and then decorated it with a picture of Nawaz in prison and ‘Gone’ written on it.

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Khadija said, “Though I do the baking and icing, this was my husband’s idea. I did not realise it would go viral.”

On July 6th the 3kg cake was baked and sold for Dh300.

She said, “One of my friends bought the cake and we all cut and celebrated the day.”

Khadija claimed to have no political affiliation but her husband supports Imran Khan.

She said, “We all want change in the country and that’s why we have somehow started supporting Imran.”

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Khadija has a Facebook page called Sugar Cube where she posts pictures of the cakes she bakes. She posted the picture of the cake with Nawaz ‘Gone’ written on it and it went viral. More people started ordering similar cakes from her.

Khadija said, “Most orders are coming from Pakistan though and right now I cannot complete those orders.”

Adding, “But if they are from the UAE, I will surely bake.”

“I come from a family who is passionate about baking – my mother and grandmother are all bakers,” said Khadija. Adding, “The rest I have learned from YouTube.”