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Pakistani-American Comedian nominated for Oscar

Pakistani-American stand up-comedian and actor has been nominated for Oscar. Kumail Najiani is nominated for The Big Sick in the ‘original screenplay’ category. Not just Kumail, his wife Emily Gordon is also nominated along with him as she co-wrote the film.

The drama Big Sick revolves around the romantic life of the lead actor Kumail with his wife Emily Gordan. The central character was of Kumail while his girlfriend Emily was played by Zoe Kazan.  Emily’s parents in the drama were Holly Hunter and Ray Romano.

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The film is about family, love, romance and how cultural differences play role in one’s life. Kumail fell in love with Gordon and against his family’s wishes he marries her. Then Emily went in to coma and it is shown how he dealt with the whole situation.

Nanjiani in an earlier interview said, “By depicting a Muslim family as like normal people, that’s its big political statement.

Adding, “It’s important for kids to see themselves in the stuff they watch. But more than that, I think it’s important that people from different points of view are behind the camera telling the stories, writing them, directing them.”

For his role in this play Najiani was highly praised and positively recognized especially on Twitter.

On a lighter note, Kumail Najiani lost a bet with director-writer Edgar Wright relating to this nomination. Wright tweeted ““I told @kumailn that he and @emilyvgordon would get a best screenplay nomination and that if I was right, he had to eat a bowl of Brussel sprouts.”

So Kumail lost the bet, as he was nominated and now as a compensation, he would have to eat a bowl of Brussel sprouts. Kumail tweeted “Edgar loves Brussel sprouts. I hate Brussel sprouts. Tonight I will be eating a bowl of Brussel sprouts and enjoying it for the first time.”