Pakistan will Manufacture DNA and Forensic Test Kits Locally this Year


Dr. Shoaib Suddle the Chairman National Forensic Science Commission’s (NFSC) said that Pakistan will manufacture DNA and forensic test kits locally by the end of 2020.

Pakistan imports over 11,000 DNA and forensic test kits for casework and research purposes each year. It costs millions to the national exchequer, as per the Chairman NFSC. He said this while presiding over the NFSC meeting at the University of Health Sciences.

He said, “The need for indigenously developed cheap, reliable DNA and forensic test kits is at an all-time high.”

In order to help the commission in achieving the goal, NFSC plans to invite globally-trained Pakistani forensic experts. The commission also wants to invite investors for bulk production and marketing the kits.

The four-stage work plan was unveiled by the chairman NFSC to begin manufacturing the test kits. Local laboratories will be engaged by the commission that has the necessary equipment for validating test kits.

Secretary NFSC Dr. Allah Rakha said that forensic science’s importance in a criminal investigation is growing rapidly. Already, Pakistan’s investigation agencies are using DNA analysis, toxicology, and advanced fingerprint detection in their respective investigation procedures.

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Dr. Rahat, Shahid Nazir, and Farhan Khan from the University of Health Sciences’ forensic sciences department, Dr. Yasir Saleem member of Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research’s (PCSIR), Faisal Ayub general manager of NADRA, Dr. Muhammad Shafique the assistant professor of Punjab University’s Centre for Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB), and Dr. Safdar Hussain the assistant professor from the Centre for Applied Molecular Biology (CAMB) attended the meeting.

All mentioned bodies representatives ensured that they will provide technical assistance to NFSC in helping the country become self-sustainable in DNA and forensic test kits.

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