Pakistan will have 66% of Middle Class Population by 2030

66% of Pakistan’s population will constitute of Middle class by 2030. This statistic was provided by panelists part of a conference organized at the Urban Institute in Washington Dc. The topic of the conference was Pakistan’s growing middle class. In 90 minutes of discussion, it was concluded that Pakistan’s middle class will rise up to 66% by 2030.

War against terrorism in Pakistan was highlighted. TTP came in to being ten years ago and since then a battle has been going on between Pakistan military and extremist Muslims. Blood was split, security personnel’s died and citizens suffered. Also a movement for judiciary launched in Pakistan that weakened the military ruler of the time. These movements and sacrifices will start a change movement in Pakistan as the middle-class increases.

In Pakistan urban middle class in growing, judiciary and military are getting empowered. Now global history proves that when the middle class gets strong and together they start demanding their rights. They want better-improved service and governance.

What will happen when the ratio of the middle class in Pakistan will increase?

  • Demand for better service and governance
  • Seek better schools, hospitals, public transport and air to breathe in
  • Solution for water crisis forced upon by the middle class
  • May or may not lead to a better democratic dispensation in terms of liberalism and pluralism as that will depend on the quality of the new leadership that comes forth
  • Question the traditional power system
  • Biradri politics, ethnic politics, myopic politics of patronage will quickly start to lose its effectiveness
  • Results of census will be disputed, demarcations delayed, politics of division increased

Empowered Judiciary as middle-class increases in Pakistan:

  • Biggest Catalyst of Change
  • People in power are now held accountable
  • Culture of rule of law is rising, soon power of the elite will come down via empowered judiciary

Sacrifices of Armed forces will pay off:

  • Past ten years has changed military in Pakistan. Rank & file today want a better Pakistan
  • Pakistan military doesn’t want its sacrifices to go in vain
  • Want a better Pakistan clear of mafias and oligarchs. This thought will increase as middle class in Pakistan increases,
  • Good governance will be the main goal, not seeking power
  • Three factors hint bad news for current governance system
  • The dynasties ruling Pakistan will crumble down
  • Institution will be more important than individuals
  • Pakistan will move towards accountable and institutionalized governing structure
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If the people in power adopt the situation and stop misusing their power, they might survive. But if things go as it seems, the power game is going to end soon in Pakistan and Pakistan’s social and economic situation will improve.

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