Pakistan Wedding Hall Owners Demand them Reopened by Aug 2

wedding hall owners

The wedding hall owners in the multiple cities of the country have taken it to the streets to protest against the closure of the wedding halls.

The protestors in Karachi gathered outside the press club and were halted by the police when they tried to make their way towards the Governor’s House.

They asked that their businesses be reopened and that the government should talk with them about their demands. They give the assurance that they are ready to abide by all the SOPs.

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Rana Raees, the Wedding Halls Association President said that the talks with the government have remained unsuccessful.

He said that their committee has taken the decision of reopening the halls by themselves throughout the nation from the 2nd of August. He also added that he went to the office of the Commissioner of Karachi but was told to come back later after he was made to wait for more than 1 hour.

On the other hand, Fawad Chaudhry, the minister for Science and Technology wants Pakistan to manufacture its own smart cricket balls. These balls are embedded with microchips that transmits the real time data for the players, coaching staff and for the fans.

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