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Pakistan Warns India against the Water Flow Halt

Pakistan has given warning to India against water halt. New Delhi has been urged to stop the violation of the Indus Water Treaty.

Foreign Office spokesperson Dr. Mohammed Faisal spoke at a weekly news briefing stating that World Bank needs to fulfill its duty with regard to the empanelment of Court of Arbitration as India has hinted to restrict the water flow into Pakistan from its share of rivers.

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The Indian leadership statements on the Indus Water Treaty were denounced by the spokesperson. Minister of Water Resources and Shipping of India Nitin Gadkari said that New Delhi will halt Pakistan’s share of water as allocated under the Indus Water Treaty.

Minister Gadkari announced, “India was not bound to follow the Treaty and had plans to divert the water flow to Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan”.

The Indus Water Treaty signed back in 1960 stated that Islamabad will have unobstructed access to the western rivers that is Indus, Jhelum, and Chenab as New Delhi will have the same access to the eastern rivers of Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej.

Dr. Faisal said,  “Both Pakistan and India are signatories to the Indus Treaty but regretted that New Delhi is violating it. We are involved in the dispute resolution mechanism in the World Bank but lamented the matter has not been sorted out.”

Adding, “Pakistan wants better relations with India. Pakistan has consistently been raising Kashmir dispute at all the international forums to highlight the plight of oppressed Kashmiri people.”