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Pakistan under China’s rule after British? – Local Police Attacked by Chinese

Remember how British came to rule over subcontinent? They started subtly. First by starting trade in the area with locals. Then some started living in the area, analyzing the people, rulers, and the society as a whole. Through East India Company, the British started getting involved in the politics of Sub-continent. Then as the Mughal Empire collapsed, the British Rule strengthened and finally in 1857 war British took full control of the area.

Now keeping that in mind, let us analyze the present situation of Pakistan. CPEC, the mega-trade project between Pakistan & China has brought economic development, prosperity, growth in the country. But the question is at what cost?

Yes, Pakistan is under a huge amount of debt due to CPEC but what is the catch here? How is China benefitting from CPEC? Well, through CPEC China has got a hold over Pakistan politically, strategically, socially and mentally.

I will share a video here which was posted by many Pakistani sites a couple of days ago.

Look at this how openly, without any fear or respect of the institution of Pakistan, the Chinese are attacking the policemen that were deployed for their security.

Now, look at this picture. How this Chinese is disrespecting our country’s flag by standing over it.

Screenshot shows a Chinese national standing on the bonnet of a police van.— DawnNewsTV
After looking at this do you feel that Pakistan & China are collaborating over a project or does it appear that China has given aid to Pakistan to take control over the area, just like the British did.

Pakistan is 70 years old, we live in a technologically advanced modern era, but the people are same as they were when British came into the subcontinent, the rulers are still serving their own selves, filling up their pockets, the scenario may be different, the politics is same.

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Let us share some tweets of people after Chinese engineers attacked Pakistan’s local police.