Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation is generating $8.3 million revenue per annum

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is currently generating $8.3 million per annum that mainly comes from its hotels, motels and tourists resorts.

According to the official sources, as many as 42,247 tourists had landed in Pakistan in the past five years; the tourists have visited several historical sites as well. The official resources told APP that different measures have been taken to promote tourism in Pakistan. The efforts must be made at provincial levels in order to strengthen PTDC.

The sources said a total of 58,010 tourist publications which includes publicity material 48,955 brochures & maps, 3,541 posters, 3,015 DVDs and 2,498 postcards containing information of tourist destinations were distributed to Pakistani missions abroad including Canada, China, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Lebanon, Thailand, United Kingdom, Sweden, and others.

PTDC facilities and tourist attractions have been promoted via social media network, also with the help of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) tourism curriculum in the universities have been adopted to promote the sector.

PTDC eyes on CPEC route, for this purpose the organizations is mulling to establish motels, hotels, and resorts along with the CPEC route, this initiative would serve the purpose of PTDC in a better way by targeting the tourist market directly.

PTDC has also ensured visas for group tourists on arrival in order to simplify the visa process and promote tourism in Pakistan.

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