Pakistan to Set up its First Underground Gas Storage Facility

Oil & Gas

Pakistan is to have its first underground gas storage facility. The construction work has begun upon the instructions of the Federal Government.

Once this facility is completed it will be able to store supplies initially for 11 to 12 days across different points all over Pakistan.

The aim of this facility is to overcome energy deficit by setting up gas reserves underground. Work in this regard has been started by the Inter-State Gas System (ISGS).

A Petroleum Division senior official said that the domestic gas production of Pakistan amounted to 3.8-4 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd). The imports in LNG constitute of 1.1. bcfd from the total of 5.1 bcfd supplied all over Pakistan. Presently, Pakistan needs almost 6 billion cubic feet/day to meet the growing demands.

Hopefully, by 2020 the Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India Pipeline (TAPI) will be functional from which Pakistan will receive 1.3 bcfd gas.

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Now LNG price is expensive during winter and affordable during summers. Thus, the government is building gas reserves to store gas in summers and use it during winters time. Gas reserves storage is important as it can come is use during any harsh/unfavorable time period.

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