Pakistan to make $9 billion arms deal with Russia

Arms Deal

Russian news agency has revealed that Pakistan is interested to buy Russian military hardware. It is expected that it would a $9 billion deal in which Pakistan would purchase not just medium and short-range air defense systems, tanks, but also heavy and medium fighter jets, combat helicopters, and warships.

China has been the primary arms supplier to Pakistan for years. Since Pakistan decided to be less dependent on the US, China has been the major arms exporter to Pakistan. Now it seems that Russia has also entered the equation and wants to improve ties with Pakistan.

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Now about the deal, the Russian agency quoted the deputy director of the Moscow-based defense think tank Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Konstantin Makienko. Makeinko disclosed that two types of Russian military hardware can be sold to Pakistan that are the new Russian fighter jet MiG-35 and the heavy transport helicopter Mi-26T2.

But the Pakistani government or the media has not yet confirmed or rejected this news. Makienko said that as in Pakistan the military market is dominated by Chinese products only.

Thus, Russia can have purchase agreements with Pakistan at favorable terms and conditions. Further adding that Pakistan has not sent any request of transferring technology for the localization of production as the purchase contract terms.

Pakistan has received weapons from China from 2008 to 2018 worth over $6.4 billion. This makes China as the biggest military equipment supplier to Pakistan followed by the US and Italy.

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