Pakistan to launch Space Programme in the next fiscal year 2018-19

Pakistan’s Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Organization is ready to launch aggressive space programme in the next fiscal year 2018-19 according to the reports.

Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) has planned to reduce the dependency on foreign satellites for civil and military purposes and decided to kick off the projects as soon as possible, thanks to the increased defense budget of Pakistan 2018-19.

According to media reports, the budget for (SUPARCO) in the upcoming fiscal budget of 2018-19 is Rs4.70 billion which includes Rs2.55 billion of three new projects. The further breakdown of the SUPARCO budget indicates that Rs1.35 billion is allocated for Pakistan Multi-Mission Satellite (PakSat-MM1) and the organization is also planning to develop Pakistan Space Centers in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore with a budget of Rs1 billion.

However, the third project is the construction of Space Application Research Center in Karachi with a minimum budget of Rs200 million during 2018-19. These three projects are really important in making the country self-sufficient for its needs, the projects would reduce dependency on foreign satellites especially the US and French satellites for civil and military purposes. It is the time for Pakistan to make its military and civil communication self-sufficient, reliable, secure and fast and the project will pay off.

Earlier in March, it was reported that Pakistan is going to launch communications satellite provided by China. Similarly, it was reported at the beginning of April that China is going to make and launch two satellites for Pakistan in order to fulfill its communication needs. But this time, Pakistan is focused on building its own PakSat-MM1 satellite.

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