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Pakistan to Issue 5-Year Visas to Americans

5-year visas

Pakistan would be issuing 5-year visas to the American citizens.

As per a note that was sent in May, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital city advised the diplomatic missions of Pakistan in the United States to abide with the new visa policy for the US nationals.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the privilege to mention that the Pakistani government, in accordance with its policy for encouraging tourism, has given a permit for granting multiple-entry visas to the US nations for up to 5-years with a maximum stay of 3 months, the note further added.

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The latest development in the visa policy of Pakistan was required by the United States.

Previously, the United States used to issue the same type of visas for the Pakistani citizens, but, it has now changed its policy of issuing 5-year, multiple entry tourist and visit visas to Pakistanis.

Presently, the US is only issuing 3-month visas to most Pakistanis and has also enforced new limitations on the official visas.

The new limitation restricts some officials of the Interior Ministry from getting the US visas.

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