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Pakistan to Inaugurate Its First Ever Transgender School on April 15

The transgender population has always been marked alone and discriminated against all. The basic difference starts when they are taken out of schools and are barred from acquiring education which is their basic right. Regarding this, the government has definitely pushed limits and has worked on building a school solely dedicated to them. The first branch of the school would be inaugurated on the 15th of April.

The established school would not only provide academic education but would also be providing vocational training.

The school would be offering twelve years of education leading all the way to the college with the choice of selecting from multiple subjects. The offered subjects include—computer sciences, fashion designing graphic designing, hair and styling courses, etc. This for sure is a complete educational process, which not only targets the mainstream schooling but would also keep in focus the ways which could help these children in building a steady future.

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Vocational training is a significant part of schooling and is an idea that should be adopted by the other schooling systems in Pakistan. This would open more career opportunities rather than just sticking to the certain narrow career options for the individuals who want to test their abilities in professions other than the chosen ones.

The school is named as “The Gender Guardian” and has been established with the assistance of an NGO—Exploring Future Foundation.

Following the opening of the first branch of the school in Lahore, two more branches would also be opened in Karachi and Islamabad respectively. The most amazing thing about the school inauguration is that already almost forty aspiring students have got themselves registered in the school. The opening would take place at an event in Alhamra at the Gaddafi Stadium.

This indeed is a major leap for the country and if the project gets successful would definitely show a lot more could be expected from the people of Pakistan.

Another amazing aspect of the school is out of the fifteen-membered faculty, three are of the transgender community, thus they would be able to explain ideas in a better way to the students while also being able to understand their mindset and thought process which would be able to take the school in the needed direction.

The transgender community has been seeking recognition and empowerment since like ages in isolation, the initiatives of these kinds by the community and government along with the efforts of the transgender community ensures that empowerment and recognition are not strived for in isolation.

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