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Pakistan to Import Watermarked Ballot Paper in the Upcoming Elections

Election Commission of Pakistan ECP has already ordered the watermarked Ballot paper from France which will be used in the upcoming elections in June 2018.

For the first time in the history, ECP will use the watermarked ballot paper in the upcoming general elections 2018. ECP will buy this exclusive paper from France and reportedly it will be delivered in June 2018.

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The printing process of ballots will be started after France delivers the required paper in June; the purpose of purchasing imported paper is to stifle the rigging which was the major problem in all the elections held previously.

Paper Cost

The amount which will be spent on purchasing and printing of ballot paper will exceed Rs.1.5 billion according to the reports, along the purchasing cost of the paper is around Rs.1 billion and Rs.610 million would be spent on printing. ECP has reportedly released an advance payment for purchasing the paper as well. Moreover, Rs.150 million will be paid to printing press Corporation with another Rs.110 million for postal printing.

ECP took the decision to introduce watermarked ballot papers in general elections in the ECP meeting last month. Besides ballot paper purchasing the ECP has also decided to purchase vehicles, electoral machinery and storage facilities at the divisional level. During the meeting, ECP has also decided to construct ECP offices and Federal Election Academy.

1 thought on “Pakistan to Import Watermarked Ballot Paper in the Upcoming Elections

  1. That is nice. The government is spending money to find out what the opinion of the people are. At least they are doing this for the every 5 year event called the elections.

    Wonder if the people shall make their younger people stand up and be in the list to be selected instead of being the current and future cry babies expecting someone else to do their work for them.

    After all. Trump stood up after 25 years of saying that there are other politicians available to do the job.

    Learn something from Trump. Stand up for your country to be elected. Stop being a spectator and sit on the couch discussing discussions on talk shows.

    And stand up even to start telling the opportunists who have the guts to fleece you that you just might take their place. But you need to show up to show that you are serious about making changes for your life.

    Make Pakistan better by taking responsibility and ownership.


    Khawar Nehal

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