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Pakistan to Host Fashion Show at China Import Expo

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At the China Import Expo Pakistan would be organising a fashion show.

China is vowing a foreign flavour at the import expo which is to be held in Shanghai for restoring the world’s confidence and for creating a public platform for global trade.

As per the schedule for the expo, the Ministry of Commerce—China would be organising a forum for the cooperation between the Chinese provinces and the US states, while the other ministries, big enterprises and local government would also be conducting conferences.

Britain’s delegation would be hosting a high-level signing ceremony along with business matching and Pakistan would be hosting a fashion show next Tuesday.

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The People’s Bank of China in the meantime would be conducting a forum for promoting the financing under the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Beijing’s trans-continental infrastructure development strategy.

The Chinese President in Shanghai—Xi Jinping would be delivering a speech on Monday morning and would meet the country heads and high-level officials.

Xinhua—the China’s state news agency said that the event would be forming a “public platform for global trade” to assist in developing an open economy and falsify a “shared destiny of mankind”, a phrase that is used many a time by Xi for describing his vision of the world’s future.

As per the Ministry of Commerce, more than three thousand firms would be exhibiting in Shanghai, the financial centre and free-trade testing ground of China.

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