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Pakistan to Get A New Submarine Cable System

new submarine cable system

The Cyber Internet Service (Cybernet) Pakistan has inked a deal with the PEACE—Pakistan and East Africa Connecting Europe Cable International Network Company Limited for adding a carrier neutral and an open-access to the new submarine cable system in Pakistan.

This new cable system in simple words would be increasing the internet capacity of Pakistan to 96terabits per second.

As per the CEO of the Cybernet firm, the new cable system is going to have an effect in the digital landscape of Pakistan. The new submarine cable system is constructed upon a new ultra-latency design which would be decreasing the transit time between Pakistan and France to under 90milliseconds.

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If this gets to happen successfully, then this for sure would be good news for the gamers connecting on the European servers they would have very little latency while playing online games.

As per PEACE, the new cable system would also be permitting internet and mobile carriers in the country to extend gigabits speed to the local-ites of the nation.

It would assist in meeting the fast growth bandwidth demand from the mobile and fixed broadband users in Pakistan and other neighboring nations.

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