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Pakistan to Deliver Footballs for FIFA World Cup-2018

Pakistanis would have a special reason to rejoice this year for the FIFA World Cup-2018 as Alexey Dedov— the Russian Ambassador has given confirmation that the Pakistan-made footballs would be used in the World Cup matches that are to be played this year in Russia.

A creative sports goods company of Pakistan has prepared the footballs to be used in the most thrilling—FIFA World Cup-2018.

As per a press release on Friday, the Forward Group presented an exact same replica of the football to Muhammad Younus Dagha—Secretary Commerce.

The company informed that the new football is equipped with a microchip technology that permits the speed and the trajectory of the ball to be monitored or tracked for further analysis.

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The Secretary Commerce applauded the creative approach of the firm that has been engaged in successfully producing footballs for all the noble World events since like many years, as per the statement.

Mr Dagha wished the Forward Group well and told them to continue with their winning pattern in getting bids for the FIFA World Cup-2018.

Muhammad Sarfraz Butt—Former President of the Chamber of Sialkot also attended the presentation.

Forward Group is an innovation-driven football manufacturing firm—having maintained the largest global presence with famous global organizations, brands and entrepreneurs.

The company has been competing with the world’s best makers of sports goods via novelty, design strategy and a sustained ambition to gain new product success every year.

Although, the Pakistan football team which is ranked on 198th rank would not be participating in the grand event, however, thousands of Pakistani football lovers would be enjoying and be feeling proud in the event as their favourite teams would be playing with the made in Pakistan footballs.

According to details, the workers in Sialkot at a local sports firm—which is a contracting producer of the global sports brand—Adidas—the workers are working for extra hours to make sure that the footballs are delivered on time.

Sialkot is world famous for the production and quality of sports goods—which are the finest and world-class. The city is also known for supplying the footballs for the grand events for a long time to make the country nationals feel their presence in the event.

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