Pakistan to become fourth most populous country in the world

Pakistan is presently the 6th most populous country in the world and by 2030 it will become the 4th most populous country as per the experts. The reason given for this is that there are inadequate efforts being done by authorities for family planning.

An expert said,  “Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world. If it continues to grow at the same pace, it will be ranked fourth by 2030.”

Experts believe that Pakistan lacks proper family planning measures and the government is not doing enough. Sindh government’s Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) Dr. Talib Lashari, Gynaecologist Dr. Shershah Syed, Dr. Noreen Lalani, Dr. Minhaj Qidwai, Prof Lubna Baig, Dr. Ashfaq Shah, and Dr. Nighat Shah spoke at the event organized by the Dow University of Health Sciences.

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The participants in the panel discussion said that it is important to educate the women in Pakistan about pregnancy and family planning. They said that due to lack of awareness almost 35% of women died during pregnancy. Adding that early marriage and teenage pregnancy is another reason for the ever-increasing population. The issues of women unable to make their own decisions have also led to family planning issues.

Furthermore, a desire to have a male child also forces many families to avoid family planning. Experts highlighted that 54% of infants born are premature and suffer from different problems.  Even though 75% of the population is aware of family planning, 50% of the females do not take precautionary measures.

An expert said,  “This growth in population results in increased poverty and causes higher mortality rates of mothers and infants than in neighboring countries. Besides, this also creates hurdles in educational grounds as is evident from the fact that 25 million children are unable to go to school.”

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