Pakistan to Become a Socio-Welfare State: PM Khan

Pakistan to Become a Socio-Welfare State: PM Khan. He said while addressing a gathering at the launch of Sehat Insaf Card.

Today, the PM said that one of his key priorities was to make Pakistan a socio-welfare state to achieve the goals of prosperity and development.

During the launching ceremony of Sehat Insaf Card, he said:

The country will prosper only when all of its citizens treated equally before the law and given across-the-board basic facilities of life.

Under the KP government initiative, he said that every household in the province will get free medical treatment of up to Rs1 million.

He added that all such ‘dacoit of the country’ had gathered to put pressure on his government to acquit them from their crimes.

They know that Imran Khan is never going to give them an NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance), so they have started a dirty game of ridiculing the State institutions just to save their looted money.

PM Imran Khan

Khan said that the Sehat card scheme was important in facilitating the common man to have easy access to public and private hospitals for free treatment.

The government was also working on providing affordable homes for the people.

He added that the legal limitations that delayed in implementing the low-cost housing scheme are now resolved and expressed confidence that the project would materialize soon.

The report further added, the PM ensured that Swat would undergo massive development due to the opening of the motorway and the prospects of a tourism destination.

He appraised the CM KP for making Gabeen Jabba in Swat a new tourism destination and added that tourism would prove an important sector to attract foreign investment at a fast pace.

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