Pakistan to Acquire 36 Dassault Mirage-V Combat Aircraft – Research Snipers

Pakistan to Acquire 36 Dassault Mirage-V Combat Aircraft


Pakistan is all set to purchase 36 Dassault Mirage-V Combat Aircraft from Egypt. Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is ready to sign a deal with Egypt for purchase of Dassault Mirage-V combat aircraft. Amid tension with India, PAF has decided to purchase new combat aircraft.

Once these jets will be added it will strengthen the troops. Also, PAF will refurbish the jets at the Mirage Rebuild Factory.

A person familiar with the negotiation said, Negotiations to purchase 36 such aircraft almost reached the final stage.”

The 36 jets have retired from the Egyptian Air Force. They are capable of night strikes with mission pods and helmet-mounted display.

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The deal is almost finalized. Soon, the Pakistani pilots will acquire the Mirages. It is pertinent to mention here that Mirage V is different from Mirage III in terms of its fuel capacity and ground-attack variant.

In an article, earlier, we informed our readers that in order to enhance its defence capabilities, Nigeria seeks to acquire JF-17 Thunder from Pakistan.