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Pakistan the 10th Angriest Nation of The World

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According to a recently conducted survey, Pakistan has been entitled to be the 10th angriest nation in the world.

Gallup global Emotions carries a report which says it took interviews of around 150,000 people from 140 countries all over the world, and at the end concluded and hence declared Pakistan as the 10th angriest country.

As per the survey, the stress level, sadness and worries have increased among the people, 35% of the people are wrapped in worries and 35% are in great stress.

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Armenia comes first in the angriest countries list, then comes Iran, after Iran comes Iraq, Palestine, Morocco, Turkey, Niger, Chad, Libya and then last but not the least on the tenth spot comes our very own Pakistan.

As per the latest, the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is to celebrate its Foundation Day today in the federal capital.

The news regarding the celebration was revealed in a statemnet released by the central media department of PTI.

Prime Minister Imran Khan would be addressing the ceremony.

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