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Pakistan Taliban Releases A Women Magazine

A women magazine was released by Pakistani Taliban. The aim of the magazine seems to be to attract women and convince them to join the Pakistan Taliban Group and take up Jihad.

The name of the magazine is ‘Sunnat E Khaula”, it means ‘The Way of Khaula’.  The magazine name relates to an early woman follower of the Prophet (PBUH) The front cover of the magazine is a picture of a female all in a veil from head to toe.

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The magazine features an interview with Tehreek e Taliban head’s wife. She didn’t mention her name in the interview but told in the interview that she got married to Fazlullah Khorasani when she was fourteen years old.

The militant group has used its influence and has regularly come up with information and publications in Urdu and English to appeal the target audience. They want to hire more people and thus the purpose of the magazine is same.

The group also had a Facebook Page and a Twitter account but now it’s closed.

There was an operation conducted by Pakistan army against rebellious groups in the country in the year 2014. After that operation Taliban attacked an army-run school and 150 people died in it. Since then things have gone more or less smoothly but recently Taliban launched another attack in a market in Lahore and 26 people were killed.