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Pakistan takes the lead in the UN to counter Islamophobia


Pakistan has proposed a six-point plan at the United Nations to counter expanding racism and religious hatred, especially Islamophobia, around the globe, Radio Pakistan covered Tuesday.

The plan was proposed by Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Maleeha Lodhi at an event “Countering terrorism and other acts of violence based on religion or belief” that was arranged by Pakistan along with the UN, Turkey and the Holy See at the headquarters of the world body.

During her speech, Lodhi said: “A particularly alarming development is the rise of Islamophobia, which represents the recent manifestation of the age-old hatred that spawned anti-Semitism, racism, apartheid and many other forms of discrimination.”

The six-point plan simplified aims to do the following:

  • Legislation by countries to address racism and faith-based hatred
  • Monitoring social media platforms to prevent hate speech and negative stereotyping
  • A “focused strategy” to counter Islamophobia
  • Increased investment in research to identify the root causes of religious hatred
  • Increased engagement of women and youth
  • Increase investment in education

Lodhi featured the requirement for governments to “enact legislation” to address the issues. She additionally focused on that tech organizations “must prevent digital technologies and social media platforms from becoming channels for inflammatory content, incitement and negative stereotyping”.

The Pakistani ambassador to the UN said that Islamophobia must be countered through a “focused strategy as social tensions engendered by it posed a risk to vulnerable Muslim migrants and refugees in the West, besides potentially threatening the social cohesion of host communities”.

She further said that there was a “need to boost investment in enhanced research” to analyse root causes of religious hatred and the reasons behind the violence sparked by it.

Lodhi termed it “imperative” to engage women and youth in order to “establish tolerant and inclusive societies”. She added that it was “critical” to increase investment in education.

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