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Pakistan Signs Deal with a British Firm to Manufacture Electric Buses

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On Monday, the Science and Technology Ministry has reached a deal with a private British automobile company for the making of electric buses in Pakistan.

As per reports, initially, the British company would be manufacturing the electric buses for Pakistan while in the later phase, it would help the nation in the production of automobiles locally.

The agreement’s draft was inked by the Minister for Science and Technology-Fawad Chaudhry and the CEO of the British company.

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While speaking on the occasion, Chaudhry indicated that Pakistan had inked the first deal for electric buses with a Chinese firm while the second had been signed with a European firm.

He also said that at the start the electric buses would operate in the federal capital, Karachi and Lahore. He also mentioned that Pakistan would soon be competing with India in the electric automobile industry.

Fawad Chaudhry said that in the later years, the complete motorway network would be shifted on the charging of the electric cars.

He indicated that billions had been invested in the Lahore Metro train project and now an annual subsidy of Rs.12 billion would be charged on it.

The minister said that such projects should be introduced where the government does not have to spend additional money.

The CEO of the British automobile company appreciated that the policy of the government of Pakistan on electric vehicles and said that they also want to take part in the progress of the nation.

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